Snorri’s Kitchen and Bar

The restaurant and bar carry the same desire to reflect nature and stay true to the
roots of the land. The artistic inspiration for the plating is inspired by new Nordic cuisine and Icelandic nature. This culinary movement finds ways to preserve and maintain balance between seasonality, locality and simplicity with the standards of the greatest kitchens of the world. The movement has become popular all over the world, mainly due to the art of combining good taste to healthy food, celebrating the natural tastes of the raw ingredients.

 Traditional Icelandic with a modern twist

We believe that the ingredients we use at Snorri’s Kitchen are what make the dishes
that we create, carefully selected from across Iceland. Our dishes are based on a
vision to celebrate every unique ingredient, being careful not to over complicate
dishes and ensuring we are showcasing ingredients in their natural beauty.

Local & Seasonal Ingredients

Being based in the Icelandic countryside, we are fortunate enough to have quality
ingredients right on our doorstep. We work closely with some of the local suppliers
and farms, to make sure we are using ethical, quality ingredients, which can be
developed into dishes that will surprise you.

Go Local !

Supporting local independent suppliers is a must. By working with each supplier to
source the best quality ingredients, we are able to showcase exactly what the area
has to offer. The quality often surprises our customers. We share the food mileage of
most ingredient we have used on the menu, so that you know exactly what you are
eating and where it has come from, learning more about Iceland as you go.
The fall and summer are the ideal time for fresh ingredients in Iceland. Foraging,
sweet natural berries, fresh herbs and mushrooms growing wildly and in abundance
in the valley surrounding B59 hotel.

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