Natural, warm and Luxurious

The natural beauty of the land and surroundings of Borgarnes inspired the Design of B59 Hotel. The designer, Harpa from Willamia chose the colours to reflect the natural pallet found in the Icelandic landscape.

The Ironstone tones, grey green are similar to the mountains surrounding Borgarnes. Rough mat, lava grey surfaces are to highlight the country’s raw lava fields.

Warm red, mud moss, colours reflect the effect the natural geothermal heat has on the colour of the ground in some areas of the land, the different greens, the ever-changing seasonal countryside, the blue and violet represent the sweet dark berries found in the wild during the autumn.

All encompassing, the natural elements of colour and texture with high quality and contemporary furniture create a cozy and chic atmosphere. Inviting and warm the hotel is a perfect space to relax in modern luxury after a long day in the Icelandic wilderness.